There's More To Books Than Reading— How to Help Your Child Bring Stories to Life

There's More to Books than Reading is a collection of children's books, ideas and activities translated from the classroom into the home (and outside). It is a celebration of learning in fun and purposeful ways.

A vehicle to inspire you (the reader) to make up your own ideas and activities of other books that you choose.

With quotes of their own favourite books as a child from other Authors and TV, radio and YouTube personalities!

As well as being scattered with quotes by Famous People to inspire you to bring stories to life with your child.

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Reviews of There's More To Books Than Reading

“This is a great book to give any early-years practitioner masses of confidence. It is jam-packed full of ideas to make the most out of stories whether they are traditional oral tales or in books. It is ingenious at showing you how to tie in activities from books and stories to all sorts of different areas or learning from the obvious literacy and numeracy to technology and health and self-care. It is extremely practical and what you learn from this little volume, you can use straight away.”

Kathy Hammond, News Journalist, Home Childcarer Magazine

“It’s a wonderful thing to support a fellow nanny who is spreading her knowledge and expertise to the world. Kathryn Lord writes in a relatable way, offering the reader tons of ideas to keep their kids busy and learning throughout the day, taking some of the work out of the planning process (something all nannies and parents could be grateful for!). Anyone responsible for educating young minds should give Kathryn’s book a read!”

Amanda Dunyak, Nanny and Editor-in-Chief, Nanny Magazine

More To Organising

More to Organising: Organising with your child in mind

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Testimonial: Kathryn made me realsie that my son only really plays with two to three toys at a time. So we developed a rotation system which is easy to follow and keeps things fresh for him. Natalie, Holland Park
Before and after. Showing room decluttered
Testimonial: Kathryn was absolutely amazing at organising my daughter's bedroom. As it is quite a small room and my daughter owns a lot of important things, having a clear system is important to keep it tidy. Kathryn achieved exactly that by sorting clothes, toys and books (and everything else) and pulled them where it makes sense. My daughter was happy to find her room beautifully organised and all her treasures easy to find. She has ben keeping it tidy ever since as she now knows where things go and finds it much easier to maintain the order. A huge thank you Kathryn! Klara, Wimbledon
Before and after. Showing organised bookcase
Help your child become more independet and make your life easier by organising with your child in mind. More to organising. @more_to_organising

About the Author

Kathryn wrote this book so you can bring stories to life with your child.

This award-winning author currently lives in London, having worked across the United Kingdom and Europe as a Teacher, Nanny, Nursery Nurse and Tutor.

Kathryn has transformed her extensive training, skills, knowledge and experience from the classroom, to learning in the home.

Kathryn believes that all adults can be imaginative and can inspire a love of books in their own little ones.

Interview by the Third Parent in Texas- November 2017
Interview by Marina Nani on RadioW.O.R.K.S World in November 2017
Invited to speak at the International Nanny Training Day by Nanny of the Year 2016, Helen McCarthy (May 2017)
Presenting an award at The Nanny Awards, Knightsbridge, June 2019
Presenting an award at The Nanny Awards, Knightsbridge, June 2019
Featured in Early Years Childcarer magazine (Autumn 2017)
Loose Women (April 2019)
Featured in The Rossendale Freepress (September 2016)
BAFTA Author Awards, December 2016
Receiving an award in “inspiring creativity within children” in Amsterdam (November, 2016)
Three Day Nanny Kathryn Mewes has my book!
Speaking at NannyPalooza (November 2017)
Received a letter from Buckingham Palace (February 2017)
NannyBall, New York (December 2017)
Receiving an award in “inspiring creativity within children” in Amsterdam (November, 2016)